Dirty Hairy Mobile Dog Grooming - Los Angeles

Price of Admission


Call for Availability, Dirty Hairy Mobile Dog Grooming is typically booked 2-4 weeks in advance.
48 Hour cancellation or charges apply.
Recommend 1-4 week bathing interval- Demonstrates commitment for upkeep.
Pre-Book your appointments for the year! Reserves the most sought-after placements during busy seasons.
Easy Reminder Program-We contact you by phone, text or email to remind you of your dog’s upcoming Private Spa Studio grooming session with Dirty Hairy.
Calm, Relaxed Atmosphere-Soothing Spa sessions comfortably last an hour and a half or more.
Familiar Faces! Your furry companion will be pampered by the same compassionate stylist each visit.
• 50lb Weight Limit


Subject To Change
Based on Coat Condition, size, breed, age and temperament of your dog.
Grooming Assessment- All phone quotes are estimates until time of service.
Cash or Check payment accepted
Minimum Service Call $90/Dog


Brushes, Combs, Pumice Stones-Professional quality. FREE demonstration on proper usage.
Sunscreen for Dogs- SPF15
Nose Cream-Safe and non toxic
Fashionable Collars and Leashes
Backpacks! Made just for dogs, great for a hike.
Oral Cleansing Gel- Daily Use/Upkeep Gel is easy to apply $20/Bottle

“Walk The Red Carpet” Dog Walking Service-DirtyHairyDog.com offers a 15-minute walk before or after your dog’s soothing spa session.  Great option for busy households!  $20/per dog.