Dirty Hairy Mobile Dog Grooming - Loveland

Private Spa Studio – Mobile

Now Featuring…
Hydro Massage PRIMA Bathing System
Innovative Design – Foam application of shampoo and conditioner allows for deep cleansing and conditioning.
Fresh Approach to Bathing! Superb results. Our state-of-the-art bathing system uses fresh, clean bathing water. Never re-circulated.
Therapeutic Hydro Massage– Specially designed applicator massages and relaxes muscles with warm water.
♦Eco-Friendly! Revolutionary design saves water, shampoo and energy!
  • Air Circulation System-Our private spa studio comforts with year-round central air conditioning and heat.
  • Hot Water Heater– DirtyHairyDog.com is fully equipped to ensure your dog enjoys a soothing warm bath.
  • On Board Generator– Quiet, No need to plug in.
  • Playful Décor TOYS! Bright and Cheerful! Fun, colorful and plush doggie toys surround! Every dog earns a FREE toy with our “Hollywood Premiere” Spa Package!
Introducing to the Southern California market…
Dirty Hairy’s Compassionate Grooming Area!
  • Dog Friendly Grooming Area-Spacious, well-lit 7ft-long stationary, sturdy counter allows your dog to naturally shake off excess water (a natural process that relaxes the muscles and calms the mind). Dogs enjoy more stability and spaciousness on our custom-designed grooming area than on a typical electric grooming table.Dog-bath video
  • Pampered Guests comfortably snuggle and roll around in our soft and cozy spa towels after the bath- enhancing the enjoyable experience for your BFF(Best Furry Friend). Fun to watch!
  • Beneficial for Disabled or Senior dogs– Fully stretch-out and relax. Hang out or just nap.
  • Dog’s Window-Allows dogs their favorite pastime, looking outside! They can recline in the spacious 7ft compassionate grooming area and still keep watch on their house or just enjoy the sun and breeze during the grooming session.
  • Delicate Aromas and Harmonious Music-Captivates the senses and encourages the mind and body to relax.
  • Hairy’s Lounge- Kick back and relax in the trendy private suite! Hairy’s Lounge guests are treated to soft bedding and a cold bowl of water while waiting for their dog matesDogs Only!